Announcing-The Korea Democracy Foundation Research Fellowship 2018


The Korea Democracy Foundation is proud to announce to The Korea Democracy Foundation Research Fellowship 2018 winner. 

Congratulations to this year’s talented Fellows. We are excited to engage deeper with them, learn more about their research, and support their continued studies.

Research fellows will be expected to complete one research paper for publication in the KDF’s Journal or KDF’s Working Paper (November 2018) and present at Asia Democracy Conference 2018(August 2018).

The Fellow will receive a $2,500 stipend for the research paper after it has been accepted for publication by KDF and will be recognized at Asia Democracy Conference 2018. One round-trip airfare is included in that grant for participation on Asia Democracy Conference 2018. We can pay an extra fee -accommodation and expenses.

The fellows will be soon delivered other relevant documentations via e-mail.


Research Theme



Fake News and Electoral Democracy in Asia

James Gomez


Political Killing and violence in the Philippines

after Marcos dictatorship

REYES Danilo Andres


Token versus Team Work: Women’s Participation

in Local Bodies in Nepal

Sanjaya Mahato